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Easy Way to Hang a Picture

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? How about a video?

Ran across these videos and the instructor does a pretty nice job showing you an easy way to hang a picture or any kind of wall hanging for that matter. I do however, have one tip to pass on but first watch the video and then look for my tip a little further down the page.

Part I

Part II

Excellent tip about stringing the wire through the hanger loop two times - I had to learn that trick the hard way.

One tip I’d like to pass on is to NOT use a power driver to fasten the screws. Instead use an awl to make a starter hole and then use a hand-held screwdriver. In this situation, you will have much better control by using a manual screwdriver than you will over a power one.

As you saw in the first video, a power driver can break free of the screw and if you’re applying significant pressure, that slip could go right thru the back of your picture. In this example, the instructor was lucky and didn’t do any damage… And yes, I learned that lesson the hard way too.

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