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Secret Tool for Busy Moms - Staying Organized

Busy Moms are gonna love adding this new tool to their organizing toolbox.

It's called the Livescribe Smartpen and you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. With this tool, you can stay organized and record the conversation going on around you at the same time.

Are you on or in charge of a committee? Keep track of your notes and share them with other members of the group. No more confusion about what was said and by whom cause you have it all on tape.

Watch the demo video and see if you don't agree how useful this new tool is going to be for you. This is truely one of those ideas that has been a long time coming. Thank your maker it's finally here.

You can learn more by visiting a LiveScribe Demo Site.

Women with Wrenches: Hand Tools for Bicycle Safety

Have you ever noticed that whenever you get a new car, you tend to notice how many other people are driving the same make and model as the one you just got?

Well, the same thing is happening to me - not about cars, but about stories of women working with hand and power tools, etc. All of a sudden I'm finding tons of stories about women finding better ways to get acquainted with tool sets and learning how to use them.

I don't normally like to write words about some other words, but I found this article about a woman that's put together a workshop for women wanting to learn how to repair their own bicycles. There's more than one reason why I like this story so much. I remember my mom telling us kids that she didn't divide her love among us, she multiplied it. Well this story does the same thing - this woman's efforts multiply the good she's doing.

See if you think the same... Bike Repair 101: For Women

New - Tools For Women is Born

As a father of a young and beautiful daughter, I have always tried to instill a sense of self-reliance. Part of that education has been in the use and care of both hand and power tools.

Early on I realized that most tools were made for men and didn't fit a women's hand - or were too heavy to be used effectively. Fortunately, manufactures saw the problem with this and developed tools meant to address this situation.

This site augments that effort. By taking what I know about tools and coupling that with the needs of a woman, I believe I have put together a pretty good choice of tools any woman would be proud to own and use.

As time goes on, this blog with showcase tools, pass on tips, and talk about how a women can grow to be independent and self-reliant with regards to fixing stuff, putting together a project, and the use of tools.

Mankind, for the most part, is set apart from our mammal counterparts because we use tools. Unfortunately, the term Mankind has come to be dominated by men. This is wrong and I hope to make a point of it here.

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