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Pink Gardening Tools - Smart Garden Tool Choices

Spring is just around the corner and the gardening bug is in the air. In fact, many locations in the south and west are already starting to plant gardens and flower beds.

Most gals I know are very much into gardening. Some use gardening as a hobby or a recreational activity. And then there are a few like my daughter Shelly that use gardening as therapy. A great past time to reduce the stress of the day and to nurture that motherly instinct. Shelly prefers it over motherhood cause she says the plants don't talk back.

To help choosing good garden tools, I've added (with Shelly's help) another page to this site to showcase some of the great tools now available for women interested in gardening and other forms of yard work. The Pink Garden Tool page is a bit different from the other two pages here in that each image holds a selection of tools. Click on the image and you'll find a number of products that belong to that category or grouping.

I truly hope you find something you like and even more importantly - I hope you find a tool or two you'll love using to make your gardening project Blossom.
(Sorry, I couldn't resist the pun)

Pink Tool Gift Idea for Junior Girls

image girlgear pink tool pouch belt model 67
GirlGear Mini
Tool Pouch/Belt for Girls

Need a unique gift idea for that young tool toting girl? This tool pouch from GirlGear Industries is extremely popular and it's easy to see why. Just right for the young girl who needs a way to carry her tools with her.

Its distinctive pink color declares that this is gear designed specifically for gals and this one is made especially for the little gals. Constructed of heavy-duty suede leather with a poly-web belt that adjusts up to 30" and features a quick-release buckle.

Girlgear Industries 67 Mini Pink Tool Belt for Girls

Gardening Tools You'll Love - Just for Women

With the weather starting to get nice, Shelly (my daughter) decided that it was time to end the planning and begin the planting of our garden. I'm the type to get the rototiller out and dig up the whole yard. Once that's done I feel virile, want a pizza, and then a nap. Shelly, on the other hand has a lot more sense (and discipline) than I do and just gives me that 'Oh Dad' look, gets her tools out and starts working

apollo 18 piece pink garden tool set #dt3795p
A couple years ago she bought this pink tool set. I asked her if the color really made any difference in how well the tools performed. I was being a wise guy and figured I had the upper hand. Again she gave me one of those looks and said "yes, they make the job go easier, I can find them when I put them down cause they contrast with the ground, and mostly cause you won't pick them up and walk off with them".

Hmmm, I guess I can't argue with that reasoning. She's right too about me not using them. A guy has his pride you know and just wouldn't be seen using a pink tool... Actually, it has nothing to do with pride and more to do with security, or the lack thereof.

In any event, when we finished the task, there was a welling up of pride in having accomplished a lot today and the best thing about a garden is the idea that there's more to come and unfold as the days get warmer and the seeds start to germinate and grow towards the sun.

Apollo Precision Tool Set - 18-Piece Garden Set (in pink)

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