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Perfect Pink Tool Set for My Niece's Wedding

My favorite niece gets married today. Actually, she's my only niece but that doesn't stop her from being my favorite just the same.

I pondered for a long time on what to get her for this joyous occasion. Most people probably think I planned to get her some sort of tool and normally they would have guessed right. But this time I shied away from my usual routine.

Not that tools wouldn't have been a great gift idea, especially if the happy couple happen to be tool junkies. One of the first apartments I lived in was owned by a couple of lesbians. They were tool junkies to the Nth degree. They had every imaginable tool you could think of - and a couple you couldn't think of. For their commitment ceremony, the gift table was STACKED with tools.

However, Angela (my niece) is marrying a great guy (Dan) that's super handy and knows his way around tools forwards, backwards, sideways, and upside down. My meddling in the tool department would have sent the wrong message and I could have hurt some feelings. That isn't anyway to go about gift giving.

So what did I get her (them) for their grand day? Well, I have to keep it a secret from you cause she's a regular reader of this blog and I don't want to spoil it. Unfortunately, I'm unable to attend the festivities today cause I'm on the other side of the continent. I'm not happy about that but that's just the way things worked out. I won't be there in person, but I'll definitely be there in spirit and heart.

I wish you, Angela & Dan, two lifetimes of love and happiness!!

Pink Tools: Great Graduation Gifts for Girls

June is almost upon us and that means graduation time...

I remember Shelly's graduation. In some ways it seemed like a bazillion years and in others it was just yesterday she popped into this world. (Actually she didn't 'pop' into this world, but that's another story)

I struggled with what to get her for this day of recognition and finally decided to get her a tool chest and upright cabinet. My buddy Rusty laughed at the idea and said "Aren't you trying to make a boy outta her?". NO - not in a million years, I like my little girl being a girl. But I wanted to get her something that represented the accomplishment she had achieved as well as set the stage for the next big steps she'd be taking.

Life teaches us a lot of stuff as we progress through it. We store those memories and lessons in our head and use that knowledge to make those next steps. Each step forward is based on the insight of those that were taken before it. Those lessons are our life tools and we store them in our brain (our mental toolbox). Why not then get her something to store her physical tools in?

When I rolled her gift out of the garage (I had a big bow on it), she smiled with this giant smile (she got that from her mom), and gave me a huge hug. I think she could sense that I was having trouble keeping my emotions in check and she whispered in my ear "I thought you were going to get me a car". I squeaked out "no, that's your husband's job". She burst out laughing and then I did too.

I realized at that moment that she already had a good set of life tools in her head and would no doubt be adding to them as she moved forward. I was proud of her and took comfort in knowing she now had a place to store her physical tools.

image grizzly h0840 5-drawer roller cabinetimage grizzly h0838 6 drawer top chest

Grizzly 5 Drawer Roller Cabinet w/Ball Bearing Slides
Grizzly 6 Drawer Top Chest w/Ball Bearing Slides

A little side note: the other day i was at her house and I needed to borrow a tool. She told me it was in the top drawer of the tool box. I lifted the top to open the drawer lock and noticed that my graduation card was tucked into the top lid. Damn, good thing I had a handkerchief on me...

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