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Revisit Those Pink Garden Tools...
Welcome Fall Back

It seems like just yesterday I was writing about spring and here it is fall already...

This is my favorite season of the year. The high heat of the summer is over and it's exhilarating to work out in the yard again. Gloves actually feel comfortable and with a bit of crispness in the air, preparing for the winter makes me feel as if I'm ahead of the game.

OK, that's enough with the philosophical stuff. What I'm writing about today is the idea of re-visiting the condition of your yard and garden tools as well as thinking about adding a tool or two to help with the fall yard work and build your tool inventory (at the same time).

After a long summer season, many of the tools you've been using might be in a bit of disrepair. Hopefully when you purchased those tools, you got yourself a good quality piece. However, maybe you didn't and now have to look at replacing it. Or maybe you did buy a good tool but it wore out do to misuse, an accident, or just lots and lots of heavy use. I encourage you to think about how you used your tools and if you need to replace any, get a tool that matches your needs.

Having the experience of using a specific tool, you might realize that your initial reasoning was incorrect and that hand tool was not the right one for the job. That's ok, it's happened to me many times. You've gained valuable experience and now know what tool you need for the work you want to perform. Get the correct tool and set the old one aside for some other use. Education is a great thing!!

As for adding to your tool box, reach back into your past experiences and think about what tools you wished you had to make the work easier, or that tool you saw a friend use that made yard chores seem effortless. You may have even borrowed a tool and now it's time to get one for yourself.

Winter will be here before we know it so take a few minutes to reflect and plan ahead.

Until next time, we (Shelly and myself) wish you a great autumn.

Gardening Tools You'll Love - Just for Women

With the weather starting to get nice, Shelly (my daughter) decided that it was time to end the planning and begin the planting of our garden. I'm the type to get the rototiller out and dig up the whole yard. Once that's done I feel virile, want a pizza, and then a nap. Shelly, on the other hand has a lot more sense (and discipline) than I do and just gives me that 'Oh Dad' look, gets her tools out and starts working

apollo 18 piece pink garden tool set #dt3795p
A couple years ago she bought this pink tool set. I asked her if the color really made any difference in how well the tools performed. I was being a wise guy and figured I had the upper hand. Again she gave me one of those looks and said "yes, they make the job go easier, I can find them when I put them down cause they contrast with the ground, and mostly cause you won't pick them up and walk off with them".

Hmmm, I guess I can't argue with that reasoning. She's right too about me not using them. A guy has his pride you know and just wouldn't be seen using a pink tool... Actually, it has nothing to do with pride and more to do with security, or the lack thereof.

In any event, when we finished the task, there was a welling up of pride in having accomplished a lot today and the best thing about a garden is the idea that there's more to come and unfold as the days get warmer and the seeds start to germinate and grow towards the sun.

Apollo Precision Tool Set - 18-Piece Garden Set (in pink)

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