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Womens Tool Kits - The Rescue from: Slight Assembly Required

The holiday season is gonna be here sooner than we think and with it comes a herd of gifts with that include those infamous 3 words on the package that no one wants to see: "Some Assembly Required".

And if you think those three words are becoming more and more prevalent, you're right. As overseas manufacturers try to squeeze every penny they can from their costs, they've taken (in a big way) to packaging their products in a knocked down configuration. This saves them the labor to assemble the product, and reduces their packaging and shipping costs as well.

You reap the savings but suffer the price of having to do the work assembling whatever it is you just saved $1.29 on.

Sure some of them guys include a few of the tools you'll need to assemble their product but the quality of those so-called tools leaves a lot to be desired. Remember, they are trying to
cut costs so they're not going to spend those labor and shipping savings on assembly tools for you. Those skimpy tools are meant to be thrown away when you're done with them and their shoddy quality reflects that ideology.

The other day I bought some furniture from Ikea. They included a stamped open end wrench and a soft metal allen wrench. I split the open end wrench in two when I tried to tighten a nut, and stripped the allen wrench on a screw. Those tools were junk, so I called upon my trusty set of hand tools to finish the job.

Every household deserves a decent set of tools. They don't have to be fancy but they do need to be durable and function properly. Here's one I think you're going to like...

image mini pro tool kit
The following set is a great general purpose Home Tool Set. It includes all the basic hand tools like a Hammer, a couple of Screwdrivers, Pliers, Open End Wrenches, an Adjustable Wrench, a Socket Set, and even includes a set of Allen Wrenches. All in a deluxe carrying case.

This set will come to your rescue and give you the tools you need to slay that "Some Assembly Required" demon. BTW, both Shelly and I want to wish you a great Holiday!

Mini Pro 10 Tool Kit-10% Donated to Breast Cancer Research!

Tool Kits Back-to-School College Tip

Where did the summer go? Back to school is in full swing and if we don't move fast it will be behind us.

I won't be going into the usual spiel of ways to prepare for your child's needs. Instead I'm going to talk about what to do for them as they head off to college. This is a bit different cause they'll be on their own and it's probably the first time they'll have been away from the safety and comfort of the home you've provided for them all their life.

It's a bit scary, huh? I know I was very uncomfortable when Shelly went off to school. As parents, we're so used to watching over them that when it comes time to let them loose on their own it sets a new standard for not being able to sleep at night. I marvel at the courage my parents had to let go. I couldn't even fathom what it was gonna be like until I was in those shoes.

Ok, so how can we help them take this next step? Hopefully we've done a good job of teaching them how to take care of themselves and make good decisions. To give them an added hand, how bout sending them off with a general tool set and some reading material on self protection?

A tool set like the Denali 115 piece, will come in real handy and help them to break the ice with their new dorm mates as well; sort of a safe way for them to meet new people and size them up when they will surely ask to borrow some tool. Send the advise that they not lend those tools out, but instead go help. That way they hold on to the tools and make friends at the same time.

Then make sure they know how to protect themselves with a good book on self protection. We may know a few of the tricks, but not half as many as are in the book Protect Yourself At College. Every student heading off to college needs to learn how to protect themselves, their surroundings, and their possessions.

These are two gifts you can give that will help you sleep better at night and give your daughter or son a good leg up.

image of denali tool kit 115 pieces image of book entitled protect yourself at college

Denali 115-Piece Home Repair Tool Kit

Protect Yourself at College: Smart Choices-safe Results

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