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Pink Tool Sets to Fight Breast Cancer

When a company comes along and does something wonderful, it's hard for me to hold back from singing their praises...

Such is the case with Little Pink Tools. They are best known for the various hand tools, power tools, tool sets, and tool kits designed for women. What impresses me most about this company though is that they have put together a program where, for each tool purchased, they are donating 10% of the proceeds towards breast cancer research with hopes of finding a cure.

What a wonderful idea - get a good tool kit to help at home and provide tools for women everywhere to help in the elimination of breast cancer.

If you're in the market for tool sets designed for women, I would encourage you to give these a close look and support a company that supports you.

Womens Tool Kits - The Rescue from: Slight Assembly Required

The holiday season is gonna be here sooner than we think and with it comes a herd of gifts with that include those infamous 3 words on the package that no one wants to see: "Some Assembly Required".

And if you think those three words are becoming more and more prevalent, you're right. As overseas manufacturers try to squeeze every penny they can from their costs, they've taken (in a big way) to packaging their products in a knocked down configuration. This saves them the labor to assemble the product, and reduces their packaging and shipping costs as well.

You reap the savings but suffer the price of having to do the work assembling whatever it is you just saved $1.29 on.

Sure some of them guys include a few of the tools you'll need to assemble their product but the quality of those so-called tools leaves a lot to be desired. Remember, they are trying to
cut costs so they're not going to spend those labor and shipping savings on assembly tools for you. Those skimpy tools are meant to be thrown away when you're done with them and their shoddy quality reflects that ideology.

The other day I bought some furniture from Ikea. They included a stamped open end wrench and a soft metal allen wrench. I split the open end wrench in two when I tried to tighten a nut, and stripped the allen wrench on a screw. Those tools were junk, so I called upon my trusty set of hand tools to finish the job.

Every household deserves a decent set of tools. They don't have to be fancy but they do need to be durable and function properly. Here's one I think you're going to like...

image mini pro tool kit
The following set is a great general purpose Home Tool Set. It includes all the basic hand tools like a Hammer, a couple of Screwdrivers, Pliers, Open End Wrenches, an Adjustable Wrench, a Socket Set, and even includes a set of Allen Wrenches. All in a deluxe carrying case.

This set will come to your rescue and give you the tools you need to slay that "Some Assembly Required" demon. BTW, both Shelly and I want to wish you a great Holiday!

Mini Pro 10 Tool Kit-10% Donated to Breast Cancer Research!

Women with Wrenches: Hand Tools for Bicycle Safety

Have you ever noticed that whenever you get a new car, you tend to notice how many other people are driving the same make and model as the one you just got?

Well, the same thing is happening to me - not about cars, but about stories of women working with hand and power tools, etc. All of a sudden I'm finding tons of stories about women finding better ways to get acquainted with tool sets and learning how to use them.

I don't normally like to write words about some other words, but I found this article about a woman that's put together a workshop for women wanting to learn how to repair their own bicycles. There's more than one reason why I like this story so much. I remember my mom telling us kids that she didn't divide her love among us, she multiplied it. Well this story does the same thing - this woman's efforts multiply the good she's doing.

See if you think the same... Bike Repair 101: For Women

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