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Best Pink Garden Tool Sets and Gloves for Garden Smart Women

Pink Gardening Tools

What woman doesn't love to garden? My daughter Shelly, says it's good therapy for her. She loves to plant seedlings and watch them grow and mature. She dotes over her plants like a fastidious mother hen - enjoying all the benefits of motherhood but without the back-talk.
Pink Garden Tools, Pink Gardening Accessories

Finding Pink Garden Tools for hobby or recreation can be a lot of fun. Pink Garden tools have many benefits... They're easier to see when you put them down, they're generally sized to fit a smaller hand so they're easier to use, and being pink in color keeps them from walking off.

Here you'll find a number of garden tool categories. Behind each link is a listing of various tool choices that I recommend for the pleasure of gardening.

Pink Garden Glove(s)

Colorful, machine washable garden and work gloves designed to fit a woman's hands. Pink to show your pride or just for fun. Either way, these gloves speak about your inner whimsical side.
image of a pair of pink garden work gloves for women
Pink Gardening Gloves for Home Garden and Yard Projects

Just look at this set of pink work gloves and you'll appreciate tough micro suede synthetic palms with doubly reinforced fingertips and a padded palm. Velcro wrist closure keeps garden soil on the outside. Longer fingers and palm are designed for a woman's hands. Lightweight hot pink spandex back is comfortable and cool to wear even on hot days. Not clingy like some garden gloves. This is just one of the sets available - click the link for a full assortment of pink gloves.

Pink Gardening Set(s)

Look these pink gardening sets over. They make great gifts for the home hobby gardener or add them to your own tool cache and reap the benefits from a great tool set - all for the love of gardening.
image of a pink garden set made by bond
Bond Pink Garden Tool Bag Gift Sets

This particular set Includes a multi purpose pink gardening bag, stainless steel pruning shears, comfort grip bypass pruner, ergonomic grip cast aluminum trowel, ergonomic grip cast aluminum cultivator. This and other sets behind this link.
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Bond Manufacturing is a proud to supporter of the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF). A portion of all sales go directly to the NBCF, one of the most respected foundations in the fight against breast cancer. Garden For The Cause.
image of a garden tool set by apollo
Apollo Precision Garden Tool Set(s) - in Pink

This 18 piece garden tool set contains useful tools for all your gardening needs. Includes pruning shears, soft grip hose nozzles, quick hose connects and water splitter/controller. The knee pad is convenient and comfortable for weeding and planting. Tools are contained in a sturdy blow molded carrying case. ANSI physical and critical dimensional quality standard compliant. Apollo offers two different garden tool sets - click the link to see both.

Pink Garden Tools

These are some of the most popular pink garden tools that women have said time and time again they want. Use the carousel below to learn more about any tool. Do so by hovering your mouse over the image or clicking on it.

Pink Garden Hose

There's no chance of running over this hose with the lawn mower. Easy to see as it stands out in a crowd. This pink hose shouts that it's owned by the woman of the house.
image of a pink garden hose coiled up
Pink Gardening Hose and Watering Attachments

Medium duty garden hose with 9 pattern watering nozzle. 5/8 diameter hose is flexible and easy to coil in all weather. Double spiral reinforcement. 9 pattern plastic spray nozzle included

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